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Around me is the ocean of life, and light
And no matter how far I travel
The seamless horizon explains the secret
There's no beginning, there's no end

We are eternal


There's no beginning, there's no end
Tatanka - Eternal (Hardwave Remix)
"Thumbs up for the young talent Hardwave

Many of you has voted for him but he didn't make it...

He is still young but he has shown to be a talented promise for the future of hardstyle and we'll hear more from him in the future: I'm sure of this!

Here's his remix for you:

"Unfortunately I didn't win the Eternal Remix contest... All the remixes were very close to eachother, I was just a few votes away from winning! I still want to thank everyone who voted for me! Because the remix will not be released you can enjoy it now FOR FREE!"

  • Year
  • 2013

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#4 Daily Hardstyle
#4 Daily Overall

Added Dec 17th, 2013 by Introverterz

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