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I can't stop [?x]
I can't stop raving

Staying on the edge
U.S. coming right with the hardcore

We want you resurrection
-I can't stop raving
Here we go again
U.S. back with the bassdrum

I can't stop raving [2x]
I can't stop
Can't stop [4x]
I can't stop

Do you love your hardcore?

Here we go again!

Staying on the edge
Do you love your hardcore?

I can't stop [?x]
I can't stop raving

Resurrection, just keep it moving
The Viper & Evil Activities - Raving Bootleg (Extended DJ Mix)

Merry X-Mas and a happy 2011!

I want to thank you all for your support this last year.
I'm really thankful for every fan i get and i want to give something back every once in a while.
So here it is! A Christmas gift for your iPod's :)

The Viper & Evil Activities - Raving Bootleg (Radio Edit)

Hope you like it and for the Dj's amongst you:
The Viper & Evil Activities - Raving Bootleg (Extended DJ Mix)

  • Year
  • 2010

  • Genre

The Viper

Evil Activities

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#1 Daily Hardcore/Gabber
#5 Daily Overall

Added Jul 8th, 2012 by MarlboroMan

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Thanks for the help!
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