Al Twisted - Enter The Ultimate Shaftman Easy Money Shot (Mash Up)
This a mash-up track / DJ tool made quickly in Ableton 9 just for a fun track to play out at a couple of parties this year (“Pussy Motherfuckers” and “Impact”), but it went down well on the dancefloor, at both and I have played it out a lot since!

Surprisingly a lot of people have asked us for a copy, so by way of thankyou for 5,000 facebook likes -- here it is as a free download in WAV format !

Please note this is not an original track, nor do I claim it to be,and borrows from several of my favorite artists / tracks, namely...

Tha Playah - "Enter the Time Machine"
The Shaftman - "Shaftman"
Lownoise & Theo - "The Ultimate Sex track"
Sei2ure - "The Easy Shots"
Negative A & Counterfeit - "Present Danger"
and a few bits more from the same artists !

Big thanks to the original creators for letting us use their tracks.

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  • 2013

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Al Twisted

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#3 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

Added Nov 22nd, 2013 by djhandedout

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