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Gonna get you back in my life [?x]
Some day, sometime

Thank you for the things you've done for me
Thank you for the way you loved me
Thank you for the times we had
Even though sometimes the times were bad
I'm grateful for the help you gave me
When I was down you made me stronger
Thank you baby,
Without your help right now I'd be unstable
And now you're gone
I'm able to see just how much I loved you
You're always here, no matter what
It's (...)
I truly miss you
Yes, you have asked me to
I think about you night and day
Thank you, I hope to hold you close to me again

Because sometimes I can't image you not by my side
You're finding tears I've yet to cry
Because I'm strong inside
I've told you things that were
Inside for you
You're burning up
This whole world would never see that side
I can't believe you're gone
Hope that you wind up happy
Make sure you get the best you can
I hope your life'll be freely
One day we'll meet again
I really hope these words are true
This is a song I wrote for you to let you know I love you

Gonna get you back in my life
Some day, sometime

Yeah, I can't stop thinking about you
Every day, you can stop ahead
I try to forget the past, it's not easy
You'd rather think I can't forget
I'm holding on, start being strong
Maybe over time you'll come back, yeah
I'm just seeing stars
They gonna get to see my future
I so resent it
Now you're gone
I can't see (...)
You're back in my life
You're my soulmate
Baby, you complete me
Someday you'll know how much I loved you
And you'll know I'm sorry
I've tried my best
I Gave it all for me, for you
For all I worried

Some day, some time
Want to have you back in my live
Your advive, I took
"Let it go, man" -I wish I could
You know how it goes
Since the moment that you told
When I take that wish, for I never dance
Take a chance to be with you
Hopefully you want me to
And if you told
I will get through this
(...) I wish
When you hear this
You know how much I care
Maybe you do
For all I know
You must've cared earlier
Maybe you don't
But I'm just letting you know that I still care

Gonna get you back in my life
Some day, sometime

Gonna get you back in my life [?x]
Himbo & MC Enemy - Just For You (Inverse & Evolution Remix)
Realeased on the free label "Futurenoize"

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