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This is a pan flute epidemic

I saw another Peruvian flute band outside my house last night
Guess how much money they make selling their crappy CD's
I'm starting to realize that it's like the easiest job in the world
You know, I mean, we can do that!

Become a Peruvian flute band?
Yeah! Why not?
We get some instruments and some costumes and then
Make some crappy pan flute music CD's on my computer

Oh my god, we're gonna make so much fucking money, you guys

This is a pan flute epidemic

We're gonna make so much fucking money, you guys (you guys [?x])

This is a pan flute epidemic


La muerte peluda [2x]
Peluda [?x]

Pan flute epidemic


This is a pan flute epidemic

Blackburn & Geck-o ft. Drivium - Pan-demic
"Here it is! It's the Panflute Epidemic called Pan-Demic.

This highly anticipated track has been our way to make panflute hardstyle and in stead of mostly paying for flutebands, here at Theracords we give it to you for FREE!"

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  • 2013

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Added Aug 22nd, 2013 by Salva

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