Tyler Clark - Gazer (VIP Instrumental)
"Released a new track yesterday! FREE download link to my NEW ALBUM in the video description as well. Check it out, really hope you guys enjoy it!!!"
"Download my album TRIALS and ERRORS for FREEEEE here"

Tyler Clark - Trails and Errors Tracklist:
1. Tyler Clark - Broken Lights
2. Tyler Clark - Free Run
3. Tyler Clark - Bown
4. Tyler Clark - Bam Bah Lam
5. Tyler Clark & T Mass Ft. Jess Abran - Past This
6. Tyler Clark & None Like Joshua - Trials and Errors
7. Tyler Clark - Kill it With Fire
8. Tyler Clark Ft. Aiva - Zen
9. Tyler Clark Ft. Jess Abran - Past This (Ballad Mix)
10. Tyler Clark - Trials and Errors
11. Tyler Clark Ft. Veela - Gazer (VIP)
12. Tyler Clark Ft. ClarK & Jess Abran - Past This (Wild Past Mix)
13. Tyler Clark & None Like Joshua - Trials and Errors (Instrumental)
14. Tyler Clark - Gazer (VIP Instrumental)

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  • Year
  • 2012

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Tyler Clark

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