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Alphazone - Flashback (Onova 2010 Bootleg)

It all started when i was on the phone with my good friend and producer colleague Sebastian Brandt about a year ago. We where, as many other times, talking about music and this time we talked about the "classics" that we liked and while scrolling down my playlist on Spotify i found my self saying OMG this track!! And immediately the idea of making of fresh version of this track came to my mind and also why hasn't this been done earlier?

So right when i came home that day i started arraigning up the fundamental parts has kick, bass and melody. Just a few days later i has come a long way but i got stuck cus i missed some original essential parts, and i thought "how should i do this... A bootleg without this and that wouldn't be 100%" so i just sat my self down and wrote a personal email to Alphazone them self, explaining what i was working on and that i wish to have some of the original parts. Thinking that they had been away from the scene for quite some time, i didn't really think my chances where that good on getting a reply, but i did. Here is where a long story begins, which i won't go into in respect to all involved. But i can just say it didn't end where most of us wanted.

So after coutless requests from fans and djs all around the world i have now decided to share this with the rest of the world as an early xmas gift. Just to thank everyone for all the support this year.

If you are a dj and want to use the track in a show or a gig, then please do but i would appreciate to get some feedback on it.

So here you go and enjoy. To note is that this version has been professionally mastered in stems and all original parts has been added as well. :)

As played exclusively on A State of Trance radio show and Armin Only - Mirage events.

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