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You.. blocked me on Facebook..
And.. now.. you're.. going.. to.. die..

I know you're getting my messages, you pussy hoe
I sent you five hundred e-mails
I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare
And now your family is banging trouble

I'm giving you one last change
Answer your fucking phone, you mug
Before I start spreading rumours
You don't want to fuck with me
You blocked me on Facebook
And now I'm going to commit suicide

Actually fuck it
Only four people on Facebook are your friends anyway
I am going to turn to heroine
And tell all your friends how small your dick is
And now I'm going to make you listen
To the fucking Organ Donors shit music

Jesus fucking Christ, leave me the fuck alone
You fucked all my friends behind my back
You fucking bunny boiler
I have a new girlfriend who gives better head than you
I have been ignoring you, I blocked you on Facebook
Because you're a fucking psycho bitch

Get the fucking message

I blocked you on Facebook

You're a fucking psycho bitch

- You blocked me on Facebook and now I'm going to
Cut off my fake tits and use them as headphones
Remember that coke I gave you?
You thought it was coke, well it was rat poison
Rat poison I tell ya
- Ya dirty, squeaking, good-for-nothing rat poison bitch
- You even look like a rat
- You are like a sack of potatoes in bed
- If you don't unblock me
I am going to spike your drink with Rohypnol
- Now fucking leave me alone you slut

You blocked me on Facebook
And now I'm going to club you to death
With a twelve inch black rubber cock
Wear my knickers for year, summon the power of Grayskull
Microwave your MacBook Pro, make your life hell
I'm a fucking psycho bitch

Jesus, you're a fucking psycho bitch

Get the fucking message

I'm a fucking psycho bitch

You're a fucking psycho bitch

Knife Party - Internet Friends (Organ Donors Psycho Bitch Re-Work)
"For anyone that hasn't heard it yet, Smashing out 9k views in just a few days.. wicked! We will be giving this away for free soon guys, get sharing peeps before someone gets clubbed to death with a 12"...... :-)"

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  • Year
  • 2012

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Knife Party

Organ Donors

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Added Jun 14th, 2012 by DaHunger

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