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Drokz - This Beat Is Going To Mess You Up
The preview of this track caused quite a stir. ¨Is Drokz goin for frenchcore instead of terror?¨. Well, i´ve been making frenchcore for years. Remember ¨Bounce the classical way¨, ¨I accept the word of satan¨ or ¨The wild one makes your hips go boom¨? So i decided to give it a Drokz flavour. I´m missing some rough gabber melodies in most of the frenchcore I hear and I think that this is just something that has worked out perfectly. Took the kick of the remix I did for Tones & mc Impact & re-trashed it. But damn, I spent hours on the mixdown to make it sound warm. Funny fact: that the preview of this track got 5000 more plays then the terror tracks ;)
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  • 2013

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Added May 29th, 2013 by Predaking

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