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Ya, ya, ya, ya
Left abandoned and abused
Maybe I'm so confused
Take my chance and do my best
Better then the whole rest
Never change it's just too late
We can't be friends well think again, now
I will realize my plan doing what I can

Never gonna change never gonna change
Fix me right and then
Then we'll see what's coming on now
Take a little bit of this and that
Take a little bit of supersonic banners - make me so sad
Supermega Tony Vega like a beggar like on an easy chair
I like it when you're so aware
Supersonic games supersonic games
Who's to blame who's to b-b-b-b-blame:

Big boy double-decker making my heart go quicker
It's a bad game - dreadful like migraine

Big boy double-decker making my heart go quicker
It's a bad game - dreadful like migraine
Basslovers United - Doubledecker (Danceboy Remix)
Hereby I present you; Basslovers United - Doubledecker (Danceboy Remix) , unofficial remix. But I really love the vocals so I decided to give it away for free. Please enjoy this remix and like this post if you LIKE the track! :-))

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

Basslovers United


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Added Mar 12th, 2013 by T3rm1n4t0r

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