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Riff Glitchard - Febtek
This digital label was not part of Motormouth but was set up in 2009 by Al Twisted, Sadistic & Lost Origin has an outlet for Hard Techno & Schranz Music. The label only ever had two FREE releases, which can be checked out / downloaded below. We are not planning any future Post-Cult releases for the forseaable future and thus are not looking for Hard Techno demos but please do download and enjoy these two releases....

Cat: CULT002
Release Date: 01/04/2011
Format: Free Digital Album

01. Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss - One Dimensional
02. Arch-NME aka Al Twisted - DX-1
03. DestroyER - Boulder
04. Calum Moore - Deviated Septum
05. Ganez the Terrible - Tempo
06. Koney & Dj Dredd - Parameter 29
07. Metadia - Metal Doctor
08. Riff Glitchard - Febtek
09. Ritalin - Banana Heed
10. Sakkara - Modern Machinery
11. Sadistic - Wake-up Call
12. Skim meets D.A.M.N! - When We Were King
13. Cooh vs DVK - Terror 2

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  • Year
  • 2011

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Riff Glitchard

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#2 Daily Hardtechno/Schranz

Added Mar 11th, 2013 by kickAD

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