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And I had this incredible experience of, of
Of moving up into a, a misty sort of area
And then becoming aware that I was in a tunnel
And it was, in-, it was totally peaceful
It was a, a place of absolute compassion

I looked behind me and I saw a guardian angel and, uhm
She had golden, uhm, golden colored hair and she was wearing a white dress
She grabbed my hand and, and we started to walk in the tunnel
When we gotten towards the end she asked me
If want to go through the light with her or if...
I had to go back

(I had to go back) [?x]
(I want to go back) [?x]

Arkasia feat. CoMa - Angel

  • Year
  • 2012

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Added Mar 6th, 2013 by douglashenriquebecker

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