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You may not be aware of everything you should be
You have already proven your strength

That was different, so be it

And it seems we are done
I have been sent to you on behalf of the lady
She believes you may not be aware of everything you should be
I ask you this now, outsider
Are you willing to parlay?
Then it seems we are done
So be it

So be it

Follow me

Follow me, but I warn you
If you break your promise and harm her
I will come back from the Fade itself to see you pay
Wavolizer - Done (Fancy Edit)
Here's my free release for you guys!

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  • Year
  • 2013

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Added Feb 28th, 2013 by DaHunger

Qz 9 years, 3 months ago
I tried uploading this last week, but failed. I made some discription about the genre. I think it's crossbreed between hardstyle and industrial hardcore with breakbeats. First part is dominated by hardstyle kicks at hardstyle bpm, while the last part is more influenced by distorted hardcore kicks and a higher bpm.

However, I did put it in hardstyle, but actually it's a great unique genre in which more tracks should be made! :dance:
H4LHitout 9 years, 4 months ago
Got it on laptop speakers so can't tell for sure, but doesn't this just classify as hardcore?
H4LHitout, pissing you off in a polite way.
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