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I see you've returned
I wondered how long it would take before you needed my help
Ah, there you are
It seems we have a bit of a problem
Time grows ever shorter

What, the very dead rize in this accursed place
Ah, very well, you'll not slay me without a fight
Have at you
-My fury is unleashed!

Feed me with your anger!

There he is, to arms!

Get back to work

-By the Gods, when will it stop?
My fury is unleashed!


You know how it goes

I shall await further summons
No doubt you will have need of me
Time grows ever shorter
And here I am

Oh yeah, you know, just keep going
The show must go on
Yeah, she's got a concussion, but it's cool
I mean, one does not simply stop an interpretive dance moshpit, sir
Black Pattern - The Wandering (Demon's Breath's Furious Remix)
"New track up for free download! Was gonna be sold at some point, but I decided against it in the end, grab it now!"

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

Black Pattern

Demon's Breath

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#7 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

Added Jan 24th, 2013 by Imil

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