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Energy and drive
Independent bassline [?x]
This, is how it worked

Now I'm gonna add the bass to that tune, played absolutely straight
Like this

Earlier basslines

Huge, load speaker-stacks, clubs, discos and arenas
Could take these newly beefed up bass sounds
And literally vibrate the bodies of people standing nearby
And this is how it worked

Energy and drive
Independent bassline
Movement and excitement

This is how it worked [2x]

One day, provenance of these, its musical roots, will have disappeared
Its indestructible melody on the other hand, will last forever
Like this
This is how it worked

This is what the melody would sound like without the [..] rhythm
Energy and drive
Like this

earlier basslines

And this is how it worked

Independent bassline
DJ Defector - How Music Works
Hi Harderstate members,

I wish everyone a good Xmas and i've got a little present for u all.
Free track time, uploaded a lot of (new and old) stuff for u in one package.
The pack includes:

Defector - Believe (Original Mix)
Defector - Bouncin' (Original Mix)
Defector - Music of Division (Original Mix)
Defector - Sound of Freedom (Original Mix)
Defector - Sound of Freedom ((Original 2012 Mix)
Defector - Stamina Action (Original Mix)
Defector - The Hollow Men (Original 2012 Mix)
Defector - Unleash The Beats Podcast Episode 1 (mixed by Defector)
Defector - Antagonists (Original Mix)
Defector - A Formal Feeling (Original Mix)
Defector - Escape From Reality (Defqon1 Australia Anthem - Producer Competition)
Defector - Fight For Peace (Original Mix)
Defector - Get It Started (Original Mix)
Defector - How Music Works (Original Mix)
Defector - The Hollow Men (Original Mix)
The Pitcher ft MC Renegade - Smack (Defector Remix)
Zatox - Creation (Defector Remix)

Download it for free at > http://wtrns.fr/a80Ohgfb12bH3_D
Don't forget to spread it all over the web and share the page!
I wish u all the best and a healthy 2013!



  • Year
  • 2012

  • Genre

DJ Defector

Added Dec 25th, 2012 by Salva

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