Christmas Eve is the scariest damned night of the year!
I'd be scared too if I was you
You know what happens on Christmas Eve, don't ya?
You know about Santa Claus?

He brings presents to all good boys and girls!

Heheh! Your daddy told ya that, didn't he?
Well I'll tell ya somethin'!
Santa Claus only bring presents to them that's been good all year!
To the ones that ain't done nothin' naughty!
All the other ones, all the naughty ones... he PUNISHES!
What about you, boy? You been good all year?
You see Santa Claus tonight, you better run, boy!
You better run for your life!

Who killed your parents?
You really wanna know?
Who, Ricky?
Who did it?
Santa Claus!

Mommy, did you ever not (...)
-Uhm, Once or twice
Did Santa Claus ever miss you?

It was him!
Jahweh say no
The knight was here
(...) bastard!
ScreamerClauz - Santa Punishes Naughty Children (Remix)
Given out for free on the How The Bag Monster Stole Christmas But Then Gave It Back Because You're A LYING WHORE!!!! compilation.

Full title: Santa Punishes Naughty Children (The "Get Off My Roof You Fat Fuck Before You Fall Through It And Then I Have To Higher People To Come Over And Fix The Hole And Then When I Go To The Bathroom They See Loose Change Sitting On The Counter And He Has Moral Battle In His Brain And Decides To Take It And Then I Come Out And Catch Him And I Have To Fire Him And Then I Have To Go Through The Phone Book Again To Find A Roofer That Is More Trust Worthy And Then I Can't And Its Winter Time And Snow Starts Falling In Through The Hole And I Get Really Cold And You're Still Dead On My Floor You Fat Fuck" Remix)

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