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Lyrics (similar match from Figure - Must Destroy lyrics)
I command you
Make you warriors ready for immediate attack!


We must [x?]
We must destroy!

It's inhuman!

Other forms of life

We must destroy!

We [x?]
We must destroy!

Destroy [x3]
Figure - Must Destroy (Forekast's Doomsday Remix)
This is my doomsday remix of Figure's "Must Destroy" track. I didn't enter the remix competition but I did this remix a while back. I wanted to release it for free now to prepare everybody for the 6 track bass-oriented EP I'm dropping on April 20th, 2012.

If you enjoy this track, be sure to download it for free now. Also check out my Facebook page to get updates on new tracks and tour dates, etc: www.facebook.com/ForekastMusic

Lots of love! Also massive respect to Figure, as he's been a huge inspiration to me over all of these months. I love you dude!

  • Year
  • 2012

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Added Dec 23rd, 2012 by Stan

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