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Dancing 'till the day breaks
As the music, fills the sky

T-Turn-Turn it up [2x]

P-play the music! [?x]
Turn it up
P-play the music! [?x]

A thousand voice wake
As light fills their eyes
They dance until day breaks
As the music fills the sky

T-turn-turn it up! [3x]

Play the music!

T-turn-turn it up!
Play-play the music[?x]

As the music, fills the sky

Play the music [?x]
T-turn-turn it up!


Play the music [?x]
T-turn-turn it up!

P-play the music!
Bioweapon - Turn It Up
Code Black:
"Just finished uploading some old "Bioweapon" tracks to my soundcloud.
Feel free to download and share, more coming tomorrow and the following days!!!"

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