Hardtrax ft. Aspartam - And The Shit Goes On
The Advocate Of Hate” represents a small selection of my darker tekkno works I have created during the past years. This album is a double-disc compilation of tunes produced between 2002 and 2011, now released to the public absolutely free of charge. It took a considerable amount of time, work and dedication to create the included 31 tracks on this extensive collection of what I consider to be hard, raw, energetic and obscure tekkno music. The first disc contains some emblematic tekkno productions that clearly show off the various shades of HardtraX signature-sounds. What I stand for speaks for itself: violently pounding kickdrums, rough percussions and twisted effects melting together into a tempest of sound, without ever discarding the room needed for uplifting synthesized melodies and deep dark basslines. Music to polarise. A radical kind of sound to either love or hate. Even more of it can be found on the second disc, along with a number of track-collaborations which blend the styles of different international artists with my own. Andre Frauenstein from South Africa, Aspartam and Sinclair from Germany, Calrek from the UK and Mike Drama from the Netherlands have worked with me on a couple of co-productions on disc number two. Thank you for having a listen at “The Advocate Of Hate”. In case you would like to send me any form of feedback, just send a message to the email-address stated in the CD-booklet.

CD 1

01 The Advocate Of Hate (Intro)
02 Backstabber
03 Quantum Suicide
04 Bogotá De Noche 2009
05 Be My Bitch
06 The Message (Interlude)
07 Screwdriver
08 Rocking
09 Mi Vida Perdida
10 Stronger
11 Perversion
12 If Life Was Worth Living (Interlude) [too short for lolo]
13 Sadistic Tendencies
14 The Clash
15 Deception And Lies (Interlude)
16 Out Of Coma

CD 2

01 Breaking Boundaries
02 La Colère (Interlude)
03 Silent Approach
04 Böse (featuring Jackhamma)
06 Anger Control (featuring Andre Frauenstein)
07 Time Can Never Heal These Wounds
08 This Hurts (featuring Andre Frauenstein)
09 Inner Strength
10 Drunk And Stupid
11 We Bring You Anger (featuring Mike Drama)
12 Bogotá De Noche (featuring Sinclair)
13 And The Shit Goes On (featuring Aspartam)
14 High Power 2011 (featuring Calrek)
15 Never Again (Outro)

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  • 2011

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