Who is the king in this game, Joseph?
That is the question you must ask yourself
Don't you recognise your own flesh... your own spirit
-I don't understand
Ah the eternal refrain of humanity
Pleading ignorance, begging for mercy
Please help me I don't understand
This is the life you chose Joseph
All the people you hurt
All the appetites you endulged
You have destroyed your own innocence
Allowed your flesh to consume your spirit
You are your own king and this is the hell you have created for yourself

I can't understand you
It's live or die
It's time to create
(...) to destroy
No matter what I think
It's becoming a thought of damnation
I kill every fucking thing
(...) duration

Destroy with happiness
Create with loneliness

Destroy with haaaa-

Destroy with happiness
Create with loneliness

You have forsaken yourself, welcome to hell

Destroy with happy (?X)
Fuck creative

Fuck creative
Destroy with happiness (2X)
Komprex - Destroy With Happiness
Given out for free on the The Crucifiction Of Commerce compilation.

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