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Ok, people, pay attention because I do not wanna have to fail you (fail you)
I think it's time we start our new class project, fail you
-A science project?
NO, It's called crack
-Is this a school project?
Yes, and it's an requirement
and it may sound easy, but nothing could be harder
It will test your head, and your mind, and your brain
-Will other schools be competing? (no)
You could say-say that every school in the state will be competing for the top prize
-What's the prize?

Meth is a wonderful thing
Meth is a really cool thing
So get off your ass, let's do some meth
Meth, meth, meth, meth, meth


What do you people want from meeeee-?!
Did you lose your mind all of a sudden or was it a slow and gradual process?


We're doing it doggy-style!
Style! (3X)

Mashed potatoes

I whip my hair back and forth! (8X)

Uh, music
I haven't heard any music
Doctor DRRR - Meth (Shit Rainbows And Kill Negative Stuff Because YOLO)
My new silly and dancecore-oriented project Doctor DRRR debutes with a giant crazy mashcore fest called The Doctor Is In.

  • Year
  • 2012

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Doctor DRRR

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#1 Daily Terror/Speedcore

Added Nov 27th, 2012 by Imil

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