Bustre - Unnatural Progression
Big ups and thank you to everyone for your loving support. 5,000 YouTubes, 7,000 Facebook fans and 800 Twitter followers - you guys are the best. To celebrate, have this halloween themed freebie. It'll be available from my facebook tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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#2 Daily Dubstep

Added Nov 26th, 2012 by Stan

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1 Adventure Club feat. Yuna Gold (BEATCORE Remix) Dubstep New
2 Davr & TeK9 Funkflex Dubstep New
3 Eptic Tampopsycle (Point.blank Remix) Dubstep New
4 HellNegative 1968 (Zodiac Killer) Dubstep New
5 Mantis & Bratkilla Extinction Dubstep New
6 Matduke Forever Alone Dubstep New
7 Matduke Utopia Dubstep New
8 Meg & Dia Monster (DotEXE 2013 Rework) Dubstep ↓3
9 Megalodon & Disonata Radiation Dubstep New
10 MitiS Endeavors Dubstep New