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Bicep - Feel It
"$$$ - FMB IS 4 YEARS OLD TODAY - $$$

It doesn't feel like it but its now been 4 years since we started up our blog, Feelmybicep - but here we are! Without gettin' all soft, the support we have received over the years has been immense and means so much! From those early pushes we got from Throne of Blood Records, Tim Sweeney and Traveller Records to our very good friend Rory (who has been a huge help on the blog from day one, diggin' up total gems) to all those that supported and read our site from the beginning. As a way of saying thanks we've had a track mastered up for give away and uploaded a mix we did whilst in NYC last month. ♥"

"One of the most requested tracks from our BIS mix of unreleased tracks, we feel it apt to get this one mastered up and give it away!

Produced early last year, this version was actually a rough demo. We went on to change the track considerably, evolving it into what became $tripper. However with some space we came back to it and actually loved it's raw feel. This led us to test her out on our BIS mix - And here she is!

NY/UKG crossover feel... fun 'n' bumpin', hope you like it!"

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  • 2012

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Added Nov 13th, 2012 by atomicoz

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