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Insidiouz 2 months ago
Sure, here's the link to the Facebook post.
Here's a forum post on Harderstate showing the free releases.
Thanks for the help!
DaHunger 2 months ago
can you please show me where these tracks were given away? can't seem to find it :
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Top Hardcore/Gabber Free (Show top50)
Artist Track Genre (?)
1 Icha ft. MC Alee Beast Hardcore/Gabber ↑7
2 Sum 41 Still Waiting (Araysen Bootleg) Hardcore/Gabber ↓1
3 The Carnage Corps Underground Hardcore/Gabber ↑1
4 Placid K Headshake Hardcore/Gabber ↑6
5 Tears of Fury ft. Jessic.. Sound Alive Hardcore/Gabber New
6 The Carnage Corps Alarmed Hardcore/Gabber ↓1
7 The Carnage Corps Saint Hyde Hardcore/Gabber ↓5
8 Fear Factor It's Coming Hardcore/Gabber New
9 Furyan The Reckoning Hardcore/Gabber ↓3
10 Tommyknocker Winners Hardcore/Gabber ↓3