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Let me live life within the moment
Let me cherish life for all it's worth
With everything I am

Let me what's right in front of me
With vision crystal clear
And face what's waiting there for me
With no hesitance or fear

And always feel the wonderland
And the world surrounding me

May I work on many strangers with an open heart and mind?
And always stand for what is right
With all the strengths that I can find

Let me forgive myself for my mistakes
Never grow indifferent, but always strive to care
Sphericz - Forgiveness
Well.. I recently bought a microphone, - this track was just made to test the mic, still not 100% happy with the recording result but I think my recording will be better soon :)... hope u like it anyways!

As always: If anyone would like to promote this track, go ahead and post it... just put my social media links in your description

U can download the track for free on soundcloud:

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