Camellia - Hello (BPM) 2021
「Hello (BPM) 2021」という曲で、今年がいい年になればいいなと祈りながら書いた曲です。嘘です。

Happy New Year! It's Camellia.
Speaking of a new year, it's 2021, or not (for some of you outside of Earth maybe)?
It's 2021 for most of us, so I made a BPM2021 track.
The title is "Hello (BPM) 2021," and I made it while praying that this year would be a better one. jk but yeah I hope it will be awesome
Please enjoy it! I wish you all the best this year.

Special Thanks:
DJ Genki (For giving me the idea and the track title)
Kobaryo (For reviewing and feedback for the kicks)"

Please, support Camellia on bandcamp should you like the track.

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