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Nostic - Dark Energy (Original Mix)
After GT Digital successful album “The Future Of Hard Trance” released in 2017, there was a follow-up release in 2019 as a Remix EP of some of the featured album tracks.

4 tracks were remixed by artists like Mindflux, Dark Sector, Wavetraxx and Renegade System.
German producer Dark Sector remixed my track “Dark Energy” and did a really good job!

Fans of his work will know what to expect - clever edits, energetic synthwork and massive kicks. The remix is packed with intensity from beginning to end and shows clearly what Nostic had in mind with his Galactic/Uniserve themed Hard Trance track.

Sadly, not long ago label boss Justin Wakefield decided to stop his activities for the label. The whole catalogue including the album is no longer available at download & streaming stores like Beatport and Spotify etc.

So, after brainstorming with Dark Sector and asking Justin for permission, we've decided to offer the original and remix as a free download. To give something back to our fans and to remember the mighty GermanTrance label.

Dark Sector took the time and reworked his remix from scratch, improving the quality even more. This new version was shared last week on Dark Sector his SoundCloud and Faceboook profile.

You can now listen and download the Original & Remix as a full package!!

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Added Jun 14th, 2020 by Necrolyzer

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