Qlimax [2x]

The crystal of destiny
The path is always there, for those aware
Ours to make, ours to take
With every choice a new direction
You will take those, that make the connection
In hindsight you will see
It was always our destiny

Qlimax [?x]
Technoboy - Next Dimensional World (Qlimax 2010 Re-Edit)
..so, in the meanwhile, since I feel your love, I thought to post here a link to a track which some of u could have missed. Technoboy 'Next Dimensional World'-Qlimax 2010 Re-Edit..
So, don't blame I never give anything, ok?
And if u really love me, have me a comment and a 'like'!!
Ciao belli!!

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  • 2011

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Added Oct 31st, 2012 by DaHunger

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