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The place of mystery

The monster

Getting stronger

Open your eyes

Witness the monster

Frozen in place he listened
At first hearing only the rain
Then he heard the sound of unearthly breathing
This was too much

The man whom nothing could fight
Died of fear

I can feel the energy shifting
I can feel it getting stronger
I guess the time has come
To open your eyes and witness the monster

When it is getting dark
And a lovely bane is vanishing
The place of mystery

Plashing water in the fountain
Carrying warnings of his approach

Hard Driver - The Place Of Mystery (Clockartz Remix)
We decided to upload our entire extended discography + about 10 unreleased tracks and edits for you so you can explore and play these tracks on your home system. Hope they will help you trough the days.

Much love & strength from Italy!

  • Year
  • 2020

  • Genre

Hard Driver


Added Mar 23rd, 2020 by HardstyleLJ

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