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Wake up [4x]

You think too much about life
Stop thinking and be
Then you come into the, the wealth of existence
The beauty and the power, the joy

Wake up [2x]

I don't know what has caused us to fall asleep
But I know what makes us wake up
And I know that one which never sleeps

Wake up [2x]

Geck-o - The One That Never Sleeps (Alternate Mix)
The One That Never Sleeps was one of my favorite Personality Test album tracks (like every tune on there), but I felt like trying an alternate bassline for it. Then this happened. Enjoy!

'Personality Test' is Geck-o's third studio album, showcasing his intense and versatile sound for the dance floor. As the trickster he is, he'll gently overwhelm you with beauty and comfort at first, only to all of a sudden turn it all upside down and inside out... Prepare for being put on the spot, where delicious paradoxes will blow your mind.

Selecting a collection of album exclusives and his best singles, Geck-o mesmerises the audience with a cunning precision and deep understanding of his craft. He takes them on a journey through various musical colours, textures and landscapes, a warm welcome into his psychedelic world of creativity and abnormality.

Both Geck-o's productions and on-stage performances can be described as intense, mysterious, immersive and powerful. Strongly connected with his audience's experience, he elevates the vibration at any stage, inviting the crowd to go deep and give everything. Each musical ride Geck-o invites you to join in on, is an experience in and of itself... so allow him to stimulate your senses!

Featuring cover artwork by Mesloes, based on face paint and photo by Erika Nováková. As a bonus with the physical release, Geck-o's previous album 'Alien Sound System' is included as CD2, with a little surprise at the end...

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  • 2020

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