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Anne Clark - Right Here Right Now (Sleeper In Klimatropolis) (Talla 2XLC Rework)
Mitte Oktober kommt meine Biografie heraus: Am Amfang war der Technoclub - Talla 2XLC. hier gehts zum Hörbuch Link: bit.ly/tallabiohoerbuch

Last week i saw a 1 minute speech of greta on her instagram and i thought, wow she sounds like 80´s artst anne clark somehow. I took "Anne Clark - Our darkness" musically written by the wonderful David Harrow, cutted 1 minute instrumental parts together and placed it under the video and bam: a viral hit was born. Nearly 50.000 plays on FB. Many of you asked for a playable mix, So after one studiosession the dance mix is done.

I am not very political, and it doesn´t matter who gives a speech like that. Important is that we are all responsible for the health of our planet. Each one of us has the little power to do something about it. Myself, i want my kids getting old in a more heathy earth. And at least Greta, whether you like her or not, she has the balls to speak up. And the message sounds much better with the amazing music underneath. cheers T.

Talla 2XLC booking: [email protected]

Music is taken of "Anne Clark - Our Darkness".

original music written and produced by David Harrow.

vox by Greta

All rights belong to the original artists.

This a a non profit version.

Thanks to David Harrow

Thanks to Anne Clark

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  • Year
  • 2019

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Anne Clark

Talla 2XLC

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