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Lyrics (similar match from Dolphin - 2018 lyrics)
Ladies and gentlemen!
Distinguished guests from around the world!
May I have your attention, please

My apologies for interrupting this evening's entertainment
Hopefully I can provide you with some of my own

I'm a fugitive and a public threat
I'm an abomination of the able
I'm an exception to the excepted
I'm the greatest man you have never known

(Dance [4x])

I'm the greatest man you have never known

I strongly suggest that you remain in your seats

And now, for my next trick


I'm a fugitive
I'm an abomination

Am am

Am [3x]
Never never, never known

May I have your attention, please

(Dance [3x])

Dolphin - 2018 (2018 Remix)
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2018 has been a great year! Thank you all so much for your support.

By way of thanking you, i've teamed up with my crew at Oblivion Underground to provide this remix of a track from their very first release to you as a free download - go and get it now!

Theres also an incredible bundle deal on their bandcamp to download the entire catalogue (31 tracks) for a limited time.

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