Rift - Afraid
I've decided to put up all my unreleased/deleted pieces from over the last 3 years for free download. There is around 65 tracks included

Enjoy :)

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Artist Track Genre (?)
1 Dirty Audio & Reid Stefa.. Freakem Other New
2 Alex Kidd Red Hot Chillie Gabba (Bootleg) Other New
3 Code: Pandorum NeverLost Other New
4 Kick & Punch Space Space Shooter (Disko Warp.. Other New
5 Soulwax Krack (Nite Version) (Prototype.. Other New
6 Tao H Dangerous Psychopate Other New
7 Alison Wonderland Run (Gourski Remix) Other New
8 Annoying Ringtone GhettoBadger Other New
9 Annoying Ringtone Ninja Roadie Other New
10 Annoying Ringtone Rust In Pieces Other New