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Control the mind [2x]

Zanza! [2x]

The leaders of the world community
Have ordered the destruction of all weapons known to man
Creating any kind of weapon is considered an act of war
And will be severely punished by Earth law
In secret, a group of brilliant criminal minds have designed a microscopic bionic insect: Zanza!
Upon puncture, a chemical is released that infiltrates the human brain, leaving no trace
All the scientists involved in this project with the codename "Zanza"
Have died mysteriously
It's clear that in a few years time the entire Earth population
Will be infected by this unknown bug
And whoever controls Zanza, will control your mind

Control the mind [2x]


Control the mind

Zanza Labs - Control The Mind (Sylenth Rework 2k19) (Extended Mix)

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  • Year
  • 2019

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Zanza Labs


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