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If only I had one more chance
to change my life today
Then I would never let you go

All my friends keep telling me
That I should leave you for a while
So you must show your love to me
And tell me what you feel

I thought that even you had feelings for me too
I know I was wrong
And baby when you care, then I will be there
By your side

And now I stand here alone in the dark
Without you
There's nothing more that I would like
Than be with you
I close my eyes but I can't stop
Thinking of you
And now I stand here alone in the dark
Without you
Lasgo - Alone (Freigeist Remix)
2015 Bootleg Remix of Lasgo - "Alone" (2001)

Original Produced by David Vervoort
Vocals by Evi Goffin
Additional Remix by Christian Blecha (2015)

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  • 2015

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