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My extremities pulsate in tingling sensation
Everything around me became suddenly unreal
As if in a dream
All of my most sensitive areas were inflamed
I began to float up and away from my body
Marcel Woods - Advanced (Renegade System Remix)
Merry Christmas from me! Thank you everyone for all your continued support throughout the last 10 years of Renegade System. As a token of appreciation, here are 3 free unofficial remixes for everyone to play & enjoy, that have been sneaking their way into my sets through the last 12 months as well as 1 from the RS archives!

Anti Matter - Energise (Renegade System Remix)
Marcel Woods - Advanced (Renegade System Remix)
Wragg & Log:One vs Iain Cross - Run For Cover (Renegade System Remix)
Renegade System - Mandela Effect (Original Mix)


  • Year
  • 2018

  • Genre

Marcel Woods

Renegade System

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Added Dec 27th, 2018 by Necrolyzer

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