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Dirty Audio - Swisher
Have tons of upcoming releases for 2014, but I felt like I was long overdue for a free download. Play, download, blog, share, any support is always appreciated !!!

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Artist Track Genre (?)
1 Migos T-Shirt (D-Mind Remix) Trap
2 Culture Code ft. Alexa A.. Slow Burn (T-Mass Remix) Trap New
3 Joyryde feat. Rick Ross Windows Trap New
4 Yellow Claw DKNY Trap New
5 Ash Riser & Twiitch Ft. .. BBOD Trap New
6 ASTR Operate Trap New
7 Boombox Cartel Jefe (VIP) Trap
8 Boombox Cartel & QUIX fe.. Supernatural (KLAXX Remix) Trap New
9 Bro Safari & Knuckle Chi.. Freak Trap New
10 Crystal Castles BAPTISM (Sound Remedy Remix) Trap New