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I text my dead friend's phones and I pray they'll answer
Just to hear their voice or engage in banter
To arrange one more night on the town
Remember when your absence is breaking me down
On the inside I'm screaming, outside faking a clown
Smiling hurts more when alone in the crowd
Staying silent when I wake in a sound
Is even more deafening when you're here in the clouds

I wish I never took that call
I wish I never knew at all
That angels fall [x3]

I call my dead friend's phones trying to pray for answers
Hoping that they'll hear it has the slimmest chances
Just to crack a joke or to tell you that my baby girl is here
Only seems like yesterday you're evading those years
The time has changed, I'm cascading cold tears
They keep falling like crisp leaves in autumn
I still see you while my vision's distorting
I still see you

I wish I never took that call
I wish I never knew at all
That angels fall [x3]

That angels fall [x3]
LSB & DRS - Angels Fall
We are still very much mourning the sad and sudden passing of our beloved friend Marcus Kaye, known to many as Marcus Intalex or Trevino.

Whilst longer term we will be putting our heads together to find a fitting tribute to Marcus’s life and music, for now we would like to share a track from DRS and LSB which seems to reflect our thoughts at this time.

The track ‘Angels Fall’ is available now to download with an option to make a donation which will help us to support Marcus’s Mum Pat and girlfriend Ayumi in the short term and with funeral arrangements while finances are being arranged. Any excess funds raised will be distributed to causes close to their hearts.

Thank you for your messages of love and support and your many memories of Marcus which are giving us comfort in this dark time.


released May 30, 2017

This track can be brought for any price you want at bandcamp:

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