We light up, alive

Born to run
Every turn brought us back to bridges that we burned
To bridges that we burned
Loaded guns, we come undone
Tell me why do we just never learn
'Cause we don't wanna learn

Oh yeah, we are sky high
We are soaring into the night
We light up, alive

Let's pretend we never happened
Let's just say that we're the lucky ones
'Cause tonight we'll make it endless
We light up, alive

Oh yeah, we are sky high
We are soaring into the night
We light up, alive

We light up, alive

Devin Wild - Into The Night (Olly P Bootleg)
Finally! We hit 2K Followers on SoundCloud. Massive thanks and shoutouts to all of you for huge huge supports!!
And here's the 2K Bootleg Pack as a follow up of 1K Bootleg Pack, as a giveaway, of course ;) !
Also, massive thanks to Cotts for making such amazing mix of this pack! You can check the link here!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQbTLago6yg

Complete List:
Dazepark v Walden v Tove Lo - Rift v Airdrome v Stay High (Olly P Bootleg)
That Matters - Bamba (Olly P Bootleg)
Hard Rock Sofa, Skidka - Arms Around Me (Olly P Bootleg)
Arty, Mat Zo, Ray Dalton - Stronger (Olly P Bootleg)
Dougal & Gammer, Vini Vici - The Tribe World (Olly P Mashup)
Tom Staar - Higher (Olly P Bootleg)
Kryder, Cajmere - Percolator (Olly P Bootleg)
Al Storm, JTS, Technikore v TV Rock, Rudy - Sheltered In The Air (Olly P Mashup)
empyrean tears, JAKAZiD - Have To easii Survive (Olly P Mashup)
JJ, SA, Regilio v M35, Vion Konger - E Samba Che Outbreak (Olly P Mashup)
M35, Sonic Matta, Hayley May v Hixxy, Intraspekt, Technikore - Good For Me (Olly P Mashup)
The Fat Rat, Da Tweekaz - Monody v See Me Now (Olly P Mashup)
MOB, Callum Higby v Boombox Cartel, NGHTMRE - Aftershock Creation (Olly P Mashup)
Michael Feiner - Mantra (Olly P Bootleg)
Dave Spoon, Tom Staar - At Night (Olly P Bootleg)
Dimitri Vangelis, Wyman, Tom Odell v Calvin Harris - Another Summer Love (Olly P Mashup)
Defiev - Friday Night Acid (Olly P Bootleg)
Cold Black, Elle Vee - Wild Ones (Olly P Bootleg)
Devin Wild - Into The Night (Olly P Bootleg)
Yoel Lewis - Paradox (Olly P Bootleg)

P/S: Lazy artwork as always. Not anymore whenever I release new music ;) .

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  • Year
  • 2017

  • Genre

Devin Wild

Olly P

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#1 Daily Hardcore/UK

Added Apr 27th, 2017 by DaHunger

Niko22 4 years, 5 months ago
Very nice vocal and the whole song flows nicely throughout it's lifetime.
The drop could have been a bit more mixed/creative but it works :)
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