This has got to stop
It's silly, and it's not getting us anywhere
You think they don't know, they do
I heard it and I know, they all know, and I don't like it anymore
But you don't listen do you?
It's got to stop
Oh, you're right about them, all of them, they're all the same
I know what they're like
Just because I can't do the things you do
Doesn't mean I don't see it all the same

I didn't, I didn't mean that
I didn't mean it that way, it's just that, they don't know when to stop
They never know when to stop, that's why they have to be stopped
It is you're right, you're right, but not like that, not that way
Please, they'll take you away from me
You have to be careful, not to listen to me
But I can't live like this
I have to go out and each time, it's like this
I get so scared that they'll take you away
But they won't

Kevlar - The Unknown
The Unknown / Thunderground (Kevlar Remix)
1. Kevlar - The Unknown
2. K​-​Rob - Thunderground (Kevlar Remix)

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  • Year
  • 2016

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