The DJ Producer - I know You Got E.H.B.O. (Respect To Flamman & Abraxas aka Party Animals)
Against my better judgement, i am uploading this 15th December 2016.

In 1996, The Party Animals aka Flamman & Abraxas aka Fierce Ruling Diva released the "Have you ever been mellow" EP on Amsterdams Mokum records (Mok 43 to be precise).
Almost hidden from veiw as the B2 track, a funky 204 bpm Kickdrum workout by the name of "EHBO".
It featured a lot in my sets round that time (Helter Skelter, Death Row etc), so to extend its life d put a personal twist, i basically stole the kickdrum, & created the 2nd , better known version of my "Only I can Do It" on Deathchant Records.

That track is almost built the same as EHBO in its sequencing, and turned out to be kind of one of my defining tracks.

Its now 2016, its the eve of my 44th Birthday which im taking ridiculous to the extreme & playing 8 hours solo, covering all the best bits from my "so far" 25 year musical history of hardcore......i thought it would be good to re-edit some stuff
just for fun for the night, and this one got well out of hand....

EHBO - Pump up the volume --20 year conclusion.

i give you the abomination that is

PARTY ANIMALS VS RAKIM -- I KNOW YOU GOT EHBO (With utmost respect to Flamman & Abraxas)

Done for fun, for my birthday, because only i can (do it), & just to ride that silly ride one more time.........

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The DJ Producer

Party Animals

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