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Passenger Of Shit - Smash Ya Brains In With My Cock

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download this horrible shit music play loud have a wank and please share with everyone !!

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Artist Track Genre (?)
1 Annoying Ringtone Devil's Dance Core Terror/Speedcore New
2 Akira Attitude Legit Terror/Speedcore ↓1
3 Annoying Ringtone Move It To The Dancecore Terror/Speedcore New
4 Annoying Ringtone Yellow Eyes Terror/Speedcore ↑6
5 Drokz Bullits Terror/Speedcore New
6 Drokz This Ain't No Disco Terror/Speedcore ↓3
7 Drokz & Akira & Thrasher Never Back Down Terror/Speedcore ↓3
8 Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Barbie Fuck Terror/Speedcore ↓3
9 Imil The Musical Equivalent Of Perfe.. Terror/Speedcore New
10 m1dlet Forgotten Promises Terror/Speedcore New