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How many sense pleasures have you enjoyed in your life?
Countless, beyond number
Yet we never seem to come to a sense of completion

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Geck-o - Craving (Michael Phase Remix - DJ Version)
The Funky Cat (label):
"Right before Geck-o drops his new album, we have Wavolizer and Michael Phase reboot two of his classic tracks with a fresh and different sound. With access to the full soundbank of 'Unison', Wavolizer created a hard hitting industrial version, cranking up the distortion. Got to love it! A hardstyle remix of 'Craving' was much requested, and Michael Phase dared to take the challenge. And he delivers, with a great twist of the original into a weapon for the big stages!"

01. Unison (Wavolizer Remix)
02. Craving (Michael Phase Remix)
03. Craving (Michael Phase Remix - DJ Version)

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  • Year
  • 2016

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Michael Phase

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