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We're gonna do a song that you've never heard before

If it's raining, it's raining
Tears from my eyes

I wanna see the rainbow high in the sky
I wanna see you and me on a bird flying away
And then I hope to see your smile every night and day

You know we aren't meant to exist in the outside world

Frontliner - Spacer (Mysteryland 2010 Intro Raining Edit)
24 days of free edits
Frontliner - Spacer (Mysteryland 2010 Intro Raining Edit)

With launching the For The People campaign I promised free music. Let our community grow and send this exclusive download link to everyone you know!

The coming month I will release all the edits that I made the past 5 years through this Facebook App. Some of them of better quality than another but that's what you get for developing over years, I hope you enjoy them!

Let me know which one you want next, when I switched from Windows to Apple I did lose a few projects. I felt some off them weren't good enough to give away but as a lot of people still have memories with one or several of them I decided not to keep them from you! The track named most the 2 days before will be released. So just reply on this post which Edit you want to be released on 13 September!

Let's start with "Frontliner - Spacer (Mysteryland 2010 Intro Raining Edit)"
Mysteryland 2010 is still one of my favorite events. For this event I created two edits of spacer. (One if it would rain and one if it didn't). Although it didn't rain at the moment I just felt like I had to play this version which is a mash-up of my track 'Spacer', 'Bitty Mclean - It Keeps Raining' and 'Dj Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky'.
The moment I played this was pure awesomeness!

24 Days of Free Edits:
01. Frontliner - Spacer (Mysteryland 2010 Intro Raining Edit)
02. Abject - In Our Memories (Frontliner's Sweet Medley 2009 Mix)
03. Frontliner - Sunblast (Defqon.1 2010 Edit)
04. Abject - Feel So Good (Frontliner Edit)
05. Frontliner - The First Cut (In Qontrol Intro 2010 Edit)
06. Frontliner ft. John Harris - Never Come Down (Q-base 2012 live edit)
07. Frontliner - Greenhouse (Live Edit)
08. Frontliner ft. Ellie - Loose The Style (Live Edit)
09. Frontliner - Rollin' (Defqon.1 2010 Edit)
10. Frontliner - Symphonic Noise (Defqon.1 2010 Live Edit)
11. Frontliner ft. Mc Villain - Who I Am (Defqon.1 2010 Live Edit)
12. Frontliner - Pull Tuuduuu Over (2010 Extended Edit)
13. Frontliner Discorecord (In-Out Edit)

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