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Wash the gray away
From this empty street
You said we'd go away
So may we run from here?
Still they took you with them
They took your breath
And left the whole town
With the scent of death

They are gone now
And you're not coming back
Guess all I can do now
Is try to live with that
And when you meet the devil
Look him in the eyes
And you can try to ask him why
The fire fills my sky

And you can try to ask him why
The fire fills my sky

And time has made it harder
I waited up for you
And time has made me smarter
Somehow I made it true
And when you meet the devil
Please can you ask him why
The people have to go
The people have to die

Submatik - Run Away (NCT Remix)
My remix of Submatik's 'Run Away' released alongside the original and Traktion remix.

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  • Year
  • 2013

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