Isn't that just showbiz?
Fuck off!

We're not modeling here, we're not fake
Fuck off

What you do should be right, right from the start
When you keep that in mind, nobody can shift ya
Because you know you're right, you're hurting no one, you mean good
If that's a problem, I'm a problem
So fuck off!

My freedom of expression, without that we're nothing but slaves
We're not modeling here, we're not fake

So fuck off! [2x]
Drokz & Mithridate - Fok Off
DROKZ016 Ammunition EP
1. Drokz - Be A Lion Son
2. Drokz & Mr Courage - Funky Drumming
3. Drokz - Revenge
4. Drokz & Mithridate - Fok Off
5. Drokz - The Terrordome

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  • Year
  • 2015

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#1 Daily Terror/Speedcore

Added Dec 15th, 2015 by djhandedout

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