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If you make it back safely

I'll be here

Waiting for ya

Here we go



Whatever you do, stay out of the water
Come along now

Watch your step
Easy now

Step lightly there

I'll take you where they made their base

Base [?x]

I'll take you where they made their base
Or as far as I can, at any rate

There we go

Oh you're doing fine

Well, I guess you've got other places to be
Nice knowing ya
Maximumraver - The Journey (Sloperij Janssen Early Ravemix)
An Early Rave styled birthday free release.

  • Year
  • 2015

  • Genre


Sloperij Janssen

Top achievedBETA
#1 Daily Hardcore/Early

Added Sep 29th, 2015 by Maximumraver

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