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The Outside Agency - Der Remaken (Original Version)
A long time ago, all the way back in 1995, an artist named Taciturne released a track called "Der Toten" which basically used a bunch of Aphex Twin samples and a snippet from Christopher Young's Hellraiser soundtrack. The track was a huge hit and if you look hard enough, you might still be able to find it on vinyl somewhere. We always liked the track but well... the quality of it left a lot to be desired. 8-bit samples and a pretty bad vinyl cut made it practically impossible to spin the track in combination with newer material. We liked it so much though that we decided to remake it. The version that you can download here was build entirely from scratch - using the same sample sources but this time sampled and used in a higher quality. We then proceeded to also build a version that goes a little beyond that. To call it a remix would be a stretch - but it certainly is a VIP - featuring a longer Hellraiser sample and a drum n bass breakdown.

You have heard this track in TOA sets in the last couple of years - we figured it was time to unleash it upon you... 20 years after the original came out.

We hope you will enjoy this remake!

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  • 2015

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The Outside Agency

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Added Apr 16th, 2015 by TechnoTramperen

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