I'm your devil! [3x]

The mind is like the emptiness of space
Space contains the earth and the stars and some moving body
Everything is energy
So if a person wants to attain the understanding of the mind
Nearly by emptying his mind
He is making his mind small instead of great

Only they are, as it were, the same energy
Showing itself under two different aspects
I'm your devil!

They are the same energy
Showing itself under two different aspects
To a being who always must see things two-sidedly, which is man

Nosferatu & Art Of Fighters - Devil's Mind
A short time ago, we launched a global takeover codenamed “Operation #TiH”. To accompany our presence in venues around the world, we are proud to present our 3rd free album featuring over 25 tracks from some of the Hardcore scene’s biggest names and most promising artists!

After the unprecedented success of our first two albums, we would like to thank all those who continue to support the #TiH movement. We couldn’t do it without your dedication. We hope you enjoy our latest collection of music and use it to spread the This is Hardcore message around the world.

This Is Hardcore - Operation
1. DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff - A Real Voice
2. Tha Playah, Neophyte & The Viper - Rebel Dizz
3. The Stunned Guys & Sonic Syndrome ft. MC Braincase - Middle Fingers
4. Kasparov vs Synthax ft. Diesel - Get Amazed
5. Nosferatu & Art Of Fighters - Devil's Mind
6. Alien T - Existence Verified
7. Nevaro - The Heretics
8. Xcite & Koozah - Musical Expression
9. Mr. Sinister - The Unknown
10. Prankster - Bass Down Low
11. The Melodyst - Breakdown
12. Meccano Twins - Divine Energy
13. The Sickest Squad vs Tieum ft. Kraken - Swingbeat
14. AniMe - Terrordome
15. Furyan - The Reckoning
16. Tommyknocker - Winners
17. Advanced Dealer - Let Us Fuck
18. Dazzler & Personal Rival - Street Banger
19. Fear Factor - It's Coming
20. Tears of Fury ft. Jessica Pearson - Sound Alive
21. Placid K - Headshake
22. N-Vader - Money Maker
23. Restrained - What I Want
24. System Shock - Different
25. Andy The Core - God Warrior
26. Icha ft. Alee - Beast

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  • Year
  • 2015

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Art Of Fighters

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