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Josef Salvat - Open Season (The Chainsmokers Remix)
FREE DOWNLOAD - Wow Two FREE DL's in a row! Makes us so happy! Right now Taylor Swift hold 12 of the top 20 Spots in the US itunes and we are over here like, pfffft have this free DL... no sweat off our backs, thanks Tay!

Quickie From US- "We first discovered Josef Salvats music with his single Hustler about 18 months back.... The song was so authentic and emotional and his voice was alike nothing we had heard. We did some research and found out he was quickly signed and we were sure it was only a matter of time before this guy was doing Sam Smith things. We had always wanted to remix his work but to be quite honest we thought we would write and he would just say no hahah... SO when we heard open Season we fell in love all over again. His unmistakable voice and haunting yet oddly uplifting lyrics... We decided to grow some balls and reach out, well not us we used our manager as cover... Sorta like sending your ugly friend over to find out of a girls single...! To our surprise Josef was totally down and we got the stems As you may have noticed lately we have been on a downtempo kick. Made its the food we've been eating, or weather but we have really enjoyed making this alternative tracks to our usual remix style. For us its important to go left sometimes as experimenting with new styles and sounds really opens up our creativity and thats certainly was the case with this. Anyway we ended up with this wonderful downtempo track that has a lot of organic sounds in it paired with the synths. We sent it over to Salvat and Co. and they loved it! Nothin feels as good as getting the thumbs up from an artist you really admire! ENJOY"

Josef Salvat

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  • Year
  • 2014

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Josef Salvat

The Chainsmokers

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